About us

Our approach; who we are.

We’re a content strategy agency based in London, in the UK. We’re people who love content. We believe in the transformative power of digital and in well-designed, beautiful experiences with extraordinary content at their core.

We can be found in the sunny place where content strategy meets user experience. We work with lots of different charities and other organisations too.

Our approach

We believe in clarity, but not in dumbing down. We aspire to be useful and interesting. We speak plain English, not consultantese. We want to transform the relationship between organisations and humans. We think that content can make the world a better place.

We don’t like umbrellas, straws or unnecessary capital letters.

Our team

Contentious has a small core team, and a wider circle of associates. This enables us to flex and take on projects large and small.

Laura Robertson

Laura is our co-founder and chief content strategist. Her sharp analytical insights are the basis for many brilliant content solutions and she can spot a double space a mile off.

She previously worked in content roles for Bond, Conciliation Resources and Plan UK. She’s a co-chair of Digital Charities.

Laura speaks French and Spanish and has lived and worked in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. She boulders and bakes famously delicious brownies, which she occasionally brings along to workshops.

Send Laura an email at laura@contentious.ltd.

Julius Honnor

Julius is our co-founder and digital strategist. His blend of technical know-how, content genius and big picture thinking makes him super handy to have around.

He’s previously worked in digital and content roles for ActionAid, Bond, the Commission for Racial Equality and the government of St Kitts and Nevis. He’s a co-chair of Digital Charities.

Julius writes and takes photos; he’s written and edited more than 50 books and lived and worked in Bolivia, Italy and Morocco. He’s also been commissioned to photograph the queen. He’s still working towards the perfect sourdough crust.

Get in touch with Julius at julius@contentious.ltd.

Anya Pearson

Anya is one of our associates. She turns raw materials into compelling digital stories and has a brilliant ability to see the most strategic path through the content forest. She also moonlights as commissioning editor for the Political Quarterly blog.

Anya previously worked in research and communications roles at Soapbox, the Fabian Society, Common Vision and the Runnymede Trust. She co-founded the WonkComms Breakfast Club, the perfect excuse to geek out about content strategy while eating too many pastries.

Anya loves cooking outdoors on a campfire. She is also a guitarist and tours the UK and Europe with her feminist punk band.

Sarah Oxley

As a content creator, copywriter and editor, when Sarah’s not busy asking: “Is that what your users need?” you’ll find her heroically slaying passive sentences, and stamping out unexplained acronyms.

After seven years living and working in London, she’s now based in the canal-laced Dutch city of Utrecht. Sarah has previously worked in digital communications roles with nonprofits including World Press Photo, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and VSO.

She has a love-hate relationship with learning the Dutch language, but is a permanent fan of the local cycling and stroopwafel culture. Sarah is also a longtime screen printer, and founder of creative community, Utrecht Print Exchange.

Anna Kierstan

Anna is an editor, writer and voice and tone specialist.

Before she became a Contentious associate, Anna was head of content quality at Which?, in charge of all things words, for six years. Before then she worked as an editor and account manager for clients including HSBC, Weight Watchers, Specsavers, NFU Mutual and Sage.

Anna started out as a news reporter, where she honed her skills at spotting a great story and cutting out the waffle (but she’s still a sucker for an attractive adjective or two).

Anna likes to search for Eurostar bargains and hang out with her raggle-taggle collection of cats and dogs.

Super Global

We’re founder members of Super Global, a community of expert creative technology agencies working with social problem solvers. We share a vision that people tackling the world’s toughest challenges can revolutionise their impact through technology.

Work with us

We work with some awesome associates: content strategists, writers, editors, designers and developers. If you think you’d be a good fit, please use the form below to tell us why and send us some examples of your work.

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