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Turning a research report into engaging long-form content for ODI

What needed doing

ODI had produced a research report and wanted to create natively digital long-form content to accompany the report. The aim was to widen the audience for ODI’s project by providing a more accessible route into the research.

The feature, based on a fictional country, needed to get people to think about the Sustainable Development Goals and to consider how to balance competing development priorities without adverse effects.

How we did this

For the project to be a success it was important for it to have its own angle, rather than be merely a digital version of a PDF.

We created two families to offer a more human, accessible way in to the research.

Mining the report to pull out its key messages, we worked with a designer to enhance the content using infographics and illustrations. Narrative threads, constructed on top of the report’s data, created links between sections.

We wireframed the concept and built the content in Drupal, using the Paragraphs module to produce multi-format, long-form content within ODI’s website. We added some responsive HTML and CSS to give the existing templates additional flexibility.

Contentious took our brief, understood the possibilities and delivered something beyond what we hoped for. Julius and Laura are absolutely passionate and fun to work with, but at the same time they are very professional.

Ailín Martinez

Senior digital officer, ODI


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