Social media campaigns with bite

Doing social media campaigning well isn’t easy. People listen to their peers and tend to be suspicious of organisations.

Pack is an exciting new social media campaigning tool. It enables and empowers advocates of organisations to be active on behalf of causes they believe in, which is a topic close to our hearts.

What needed doing

We needed to explain how Pack works and to get people to sign up. Clarity was vital, and we needed to hit exactly the right note.

How we did this

We came up with a voice and tone and a messaging architecture for Pack. We presented the tool as something useful and exciting. We were playful with Pack’s wolf imagery and metaphor, creating lines such as “social media with bite” and “don’t be a lone wolf”.

We wrote and polished the copy and microcopy for the site, putting the voice, tone and messaging into action. We worked on the UX and user journeys for the site too, making sure that the functionality and design was a perfect fit.

We created a deck of slides that illustrates and explains why Pack is such an effective tool.

We also designed and built a single-page website to explain to new users what Pack does and why people should sign up.

What happened

Pack is now a tool that many organisations and campaigns are actively using, including Mencap and Scouts. The user experience is an excellent one. People can take part in a single howl, all the howls for a campaign, or they have the option to join the pack and keep on howling. There is a palpable buzz around the tool’s future.

Julius and Laura were amazing at developing tone of voice guidelines for me. I would definitely recommend them.

Tom Lillywhite, Pack founder


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