Milking it

A social media campaigning toolkit

What needed doing

The Changing Markets Foundation run campaigns that dig deep into sustainability issues. They work to improve the behaviour of businesses around the world by shifting them towards environmentally and socially beneficial solutions.

Milking it, their infant milk formula campaign, exposes the unethical practices of baby milk multinationals.

Having already delivered social media training for The Changing Markets Foundation, our task was to help them to do this campaign slightly differently by taking a more digital and social media based approach.

How we did this

We believe in creating advocates, not parrots. If we educate supporters and equip them with tools and materials they’ll become activists, not just retweeters.

So we got to work adapting the Changing Markets Foundation’s research report. We pulled out emotive human stories, startling statistics and simple visualisations that could be adapted by bloggers and used by on social media to help make change happen.

Creating a toolkit of resources on a Trello board allowed us to quickly and easily add content and to organise things in a friendly, modular way. People could choose from case studies, social media graphics with suggested copy, calls to action, country-specific data, and other things.

What happened

Loads of people created their own social media content using our adaptable toolkit. The campaign had an estimated reach of over 680,000 with more than 600 social media shares.

The toolkit helped activists take on a truly active role: adapting, creating and sharing, and talking to others. As a result, Milking it had a big web presence, and around 100,000 people signed the online campaign.


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