Digital-first publishing at CharityComms

Creating an alternative to PDFs

What needed doing

CharityComms were still mostly relying on traditional print formats for their publications, whether they were being printed or not. They needed a more sustainable, flexible, joined-up, digital-first way of publishing long-form content.

Their up-coming innovation report was an opportunity to create something new that would serve as a blueprint for the future.

How we did this

We ran a practical workshop with the CharityComms team to clarify aims and uncover user needs. We digested feedback from the CharityComms membership. And we analysed relevant competitors and comparators doing interesting things with digital publishing.

We combined everything we learned in this discovery phase with creative thinking about possible options. We considered existing and future CharityComms publications, in particular focusing on CharityComms’ innovation report.

We then created wireframes and a prototype for a digital-first innovation report. We decided to use Divi as a page-builder that would integrate easily with their existing setup, provide flexibility and be easy for the team to use.

What happened

CharityComms turned the prototype into a working template for their innovation report. They’re also using it for their Salary survey report and their Wellbeing guide.

We also created a roadmap with practical steps for creating a more integrated content ecosystem, where publications join up seamlessly with CharityComms events, communities and other content.

We’re currently working with CharityComms to turn this roadmap into reality.

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