Voice, tone and style

A brand that doesn’t consider content – what you say and how you say it – is like a bird that’s ambivalent about wings.

A good style guide saves time and money, allowing different teams, agencies and freelancers to function smoothly together and create great user experiences.

We craft voice, tone and style guides that help you fly.

Finding your voice

We help you understand your users. We make sure your brand, content and design are cohesive, consistent, memorable and effective.

Creating a songbook

We build beautiful, living, breathing online style guides that integrate your brand, editorial and design style. We make style guides that can grow and evolve with you.

We include user interface components, voice and tone guidelines, and atomic design elements, to make life easy for anyone creating, designing or building digital things.

Stylish style guides

There are lots of great examples of online style guides. These are a few of our favourites; you’ll find many more at styleguides.io.


Admirably in depth and also open source, so if you want to adapt it and create your own version, you can.


Shopify’s beautifully constructed style guide is a beacon of design and content integration.

Design manual

Co-op’s guidelines are clear and straightforward. They include sections on principles, styles and content.

What’s the difference between voice and tone?

Voice brings an organisation to life. It’s a personality that connects with users old and new, and inspires support and engagement.

If a brand were a person, this would be its character.

Tone flexes and adapts in different contexts to create effective, empathetic, appropriate content.

If a brand were a person, this would be its manner.

And style?

Editorial style ensures consistency, clarity and accessibility through a set of content guidelines.

Style includes grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Whether you use en dashes or em dashes.

If a brand were a person, these would be its die-hard habits.

Content over coffee*

We’d love to have a chat about your voice, tone and style.

Let us know when’s good for you and we can meet for coffee. Alternatively, if you’re far from London, let’s have a phone or video call.

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* We also drink tea.


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