Content creation and care

Planning, writing, editing and maintaining

However good your strategy, your style guide and your training, you need superb writers and editors to create the best content.

Skills + strategy + tech know-how

As a team, Contentious have amazing skills and experience in writing, copy-editing and proof-reading. But we’re not just an excellent bunch of copywriters and editors.

Our strategic and technical know-how means that we’re especially well placed to work on digital projects, such as websites and online campaigns. We build great teams of content specialists, devise watertight plans and marry them to top-notch implementation.

Editing makes everything better, and should be done in a way that makes people better writers.

Anna Pickard, Words are Hard

Plans and workflows

Our sustainable content project plans and workflows involve the right people at the right time. We plan for the long term, considering the whole life-cycle of the content. We make sure that content projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

The big picture and the details too

We care equally about the content panorama and the close-up too. A single word on a button can be really important. We can even turn our arm to brilliant photography and video.

We make social media toolkits (or tool sheds) and long-form content. We write and edit pages and blog posts. We animate statistics. We exercise lots of brain cells to find just the right words for microcopy.

How can we help?

Whatever content project you have in mind, we’re pretty sure that involving people with writing, editing and content strategy  skills and experience will improve your life, save you time and money, and make you more effective and generally happier.

Some content projects we’ve done


We needed to explain how Pack works and to get people to sign up. Clarity was vital, and we needed to hit exactly the right note.

30 things to think about

We needed to kickstart debate and conversations about the future of the charity sector, without a lanyard in sight.

The Fundraising Regulator

We needed to shape the Fundraising Regulator user experience and new website so that people can find what they’re looking for quickly and intuitively.


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