How content is your content?

A content happiness index

How is your content? Your content systems? Your content culture?

Answer these 15 questions and you’ll get a good sense of your content maturity: a happy content score, some analysis of what you’re doing well and some suggestions for what you could do to improve.

It’s a sort of Contentious content contentment matrix.

Three things you can do next…


Our content review analyses how well your content works for your users and your objectives.


Our content workshops give you practical tips, interesting conversations and brownies.

Content over coffee*

Our free content consultations often reveal exciting things you could be doing to make your website, your social media and your email newsletters more effective and your life simpler. And better punctuated.

Let us know when’s good for you and we can meet for coffee. Alternatively, if you’re far from London, let’s have a phone or video call.

13 + 7 =

* We also drink tea.


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