Who we are

by | Sep 13, 2016

We’re Laura and Julius. We co-founded Contentious. We are content designers, editors and digital strategists. We’ve worked for lots of different charities and other organisations too.

We like helping¬†people create amazing user experiences with beautiful, useful digital content.¬†We don’t like umbrellas, straws or unnecessary capital letters.

Between us we have:

  • worked in digital and digital strategy roles for ActionAid, Bond, the Commission for Racial Equality, Conciliation Resources, Plan UK and the government of St Kitts and Nevis;
  • written and edited more than 50 books;
  • lived and worked in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Devon, France, Italy, London, Mexico and Morocco;
  • won one international journalism prize;
  • been commissioned to photograph the queen; and
  • baked (and eaten) lots of bread and brownies.

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