Supporting Syria

We ran the content, social media, live streaming, photography and photo installation operation for the Supporting Syria civil society conference in London in February 2016.

Content: We curated, edited and built a hub of examples of the work of NGOs with Syrian people in Syria and the region. On the day of the event the hub was visited nearly 1,500 times.

Live stream: We managed a live stream of the conference that was watched by over 1,000 people around the world.

Social media: #supportsyrians trended for most of the day of the event in the UK as well as in other countries around the world. Over 14,000 people tweeted about it, putting it in the feeds of 183 million people. Our social media toolkit and social media images were used widely to tweet about the demands of the conference.

Time lapse video: we created a time lapse video of people signing the Support Syrians installation.

Conference app: we set up a conference app that was used 725 times by delegates on the day.

Photography: we employed and managed the work of a photographer, live editing the images and using them online and on social media.

Other events we’ve worked on include RISING 2016 and several Bond annual conferences.